Identification and Referrals

Students may be referred for the gifted academic program in grades 1-12 at any point during the school year. Kindergarten students may be referred during the second semester. Students may be referred by members of the school staff, an administrator, parents, peers, community members, or by the student him/herself.  Referral forms are available through gifted specialists, guidance counselors, and classroom teachers. Referral forms must be returned to the student’s classroom teacher or the gifted specialist by the referral deadline as noted on the form. To comply with state regulations and ensure students are assessed and receive results within 90
instructional days of nomination, Fall referrals will be accepted through October and Spring referrals will be accepted through March.

To receive a referral please contact your child’s School Counselor, Teacher, or print the form below and return to your child’s school.

SEARCH referral form 2017-2018